Monday, August 15, 2011

God Answered our prayer........week 55

The baptism of Adelina

My dear family,

Here goes my fast letter. Wow, good work family. I laughed about Troys experience. Congratulations to you Grant for your results in your Econ class.

This week was a week of miracles. I would like to tell the story of my first Eunich in the mission. She is called Adelina. We met her this week, invited her to be baptized, was baptized this Saturday and was confirmed this Sunday. It was so amazing! She was telling all the world that she had been baptized and how wonderful it was. The Lord is beginning to shed his blessings over our area. We have many baptisms lined up for the next few weeks and we trust in the Lord that He is going to let us begin to baptize every week. There is nothing better than baptizing every week. Here we come.

Other experience really special. Saturday night, we knelt in prayer as a companionship and we prayed to God that He would touch the humble in heart to come to the Church solos so that we could prepare them for baptism in three weeks. We worked all week long but we didn't feel like we met anyone who would be baptized in this week. It was this night that we commanded the humble in heart to come to church. We came to church and there were two people, one for our area and the other for the other area of the ward. They came with members. We didn't know them nor had we taught them anything. God answered our prayer and we are going to prepare these two people for baptism in 3 weeks or less. How grand is my God!

God lives. He governs His children and will always work miracles as we show our faith to Him. I know Him and I want to know Him even more. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Elder Russell