Monday, July 2, 2012

Working Like Crazy........week 101

Dear Family,

Well this week was another great one.  I am taking forever because I am trying to send all of the pictures that I haven´t sent for the past few weeks.  I got your package and  I was so pumped.  I told my companion, ¨I GOT NEW SHIRTS!!!¨  You know you are a missionary when…. J 

This was a really great week.  We baptized Fransisca, the mom of Malena and Elizabeth.  She has wanted to be baptized for a really long time now.  She has put in her part and she had a light in her eyes the day of her baptism.  Elder Egan and I are so excited right now.  We are working and the field is so ready for the harvest.  The fruit is ripe. 

We came in contact with a man named Marcos who lives in a pueblo nearby called Platanillo.   He is getting ready for his baptism soon and his family is very interested.  His family is very well known and respected in this pueblo so we are very excited to begin to preach the góspel there.  We are hoping to baptize the family before we go and begin the process of the preaching in Platanillo.  We are very excited to see the fruits from that pueblo. 

Well, we don´t have a whole lot of news.  President Kusch is now here in Cuernavaca.  We are going to have a conference with him this week.  We are working like crazy and we are loving it.  Take care family.  I love you most!!!

Elder Russell