Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 10, 2010 MTC week 3

Dear Family,
Thank you so much for your letter. It is amazing to see how much happens in so little time. Give my best wishes and love to the family. I am constantly reminded and appreciative for my family and how much they have and still do for me. Missionary life isn't that foreign, its the same principles with which I have been raised. Don't worry Mom and Dad, you will get a much more detailed and more expressive letter about how amazing you are and how grateful I am for you. That installment is coming shortly!

Things here, once again, where to start. Things are so busy but so rewarding. Elder Egan and I have made improved our companionship a lot this past week. It is such a blessing to be able to make adjustments so we can be more obedient or be more efficient with our time. We had a really good discussion about setting goals and how we can better accomplish our district, companion, and personal goals. I absolutely love it.

New stories. Well, there are quite a few. This past week was starting to get consist with where we needed to be and at what times. Personally, I was starting to really get my goals set and just begin to start working towards them. We were getting ready for bed when the Zone Leaders stopped by our apartment. They mentioned that they wanted us to meet with the Branch President on Sunday morning. They left and I leaned over to my companion and he said, "I'm kind of worried it might be a chastizement." I responded, "are you kidding?!?! A chastizement would be the best result for this meeting." So that Saturday I was thinking about how much I was able to improve and start to get things done. Good thing the Lord has a sense of humor. Long story short, we went to meet with the Branch President and he called us to be the new Zone Leaders. I thought to myself, "perfect timing. Just when I was about to start really get going with my studies. Good thing the Lord has a sense of humor." So nonetheless, the past few days have been cram sessions about learning how to serve in this new capacity. I was not expecting the call at all but I feel very strong that it is something that the Lord will help accomplish and I may be helpful in serving these other missionaries of the Zone. It is definitely His work and I will serve in whatever capacity He asks of me.

Other things this week. A lot of personal changes to make. That's for sure. I was greatly moved by some recent talks of the Atonement and what that really means for us. I have so much to do and so much to learn. However, I am loving the fact that I have the capacity to be involved in it. I am so blessed to be able to serve as a missionary. This church is true. I know that. There is no variance or discrepancy in my mind. My real task is to live to faithfully serve within it. I am so excited to continue doing so. Thank you so much family for all you do. I love you so much and pray for your continued happiness and success.

Elder Russell