Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dogs are not our Friends....... week 14

My wonderful family,
As it is always the case, it is such a privilege to hear from you and hear that the Lord is continuing to bless you. I send you my very best wishes and love across the miles.

There were some experiences this week that were immensely funny as well as some extremely spiritual ones as well. First off, dogs. To bring back the memories to all who have or are serving in Central or South America, they are everywhere. I have noticed that there are two types of dogs here, extremely lazy or extremely crazy. Long story short we were teaching this investigator the first lesson this week and her dog was absolutely insane. With no exaggeration, Elder Arreola not only traded principles of the lesson and testimonies but we also learned how to distract the dog. About 15 minutes into the lesson I noticed that the dog had a strange aptitude to jump on me randomly and lick my arm. As I noticed the pace of the lesson, I took the initiative to be the distraction so my companion could finish the lesson. I kid you not, the dog completely drenched my arm in about 5 minutes. After he discovered that I was completely soaked, he embarked on his task to chew on my arm. Imagine all the while that I was trying to make as little of a scene so the spirit could testify of the message. However, he continued to munch on my arm. During the closing prayer, my hand was in his mouth. One of the greatest moments to date!

This Sunday, Elaine and Oliver came to church with the two kids. I could not stop smiling. Though I am not able to converse freely with them, I was so excited to help them during church and see their reactions. We had another investigator come to church that was really special for us. We are working hard and we are slowly but surely bringing about the work of the Lord in Amilcingo. The Lord requires a bit of creativity in His work which always makes me laugh. For instance, we were trying to motivate a less active family but they were a bit hesitant to let us in. After a rather large lunch, I was prompted to ask to use the restroom. My companion was then allotted some time to talk to them. I think I am going to use the tactic more often.

In reality, I absolutely love it here. With the work that we do everyday, I find it very easy to not realize the amazing blessing of every day. Each day is a gift from God which we are given to have joy and prepare to meet Him. I have been deeply touched by people that we meet for the first time, we teach them the first lesson, we ask them to say the closing prayer and it often goes something like this. We thank you Heavenly Father for everything. Thank you for these missionaries that you have sent us and bless them that more people will open their doors to them. Bless those who do not have bread to eat that we will help them. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Each one of these prayers touch me deeply as they are often given as we are sitting outside of a house held up by ropes and rebar. Bless the missionaries and those who do not have bread to eat. It is true that amongst the poor in spirit the Lord finds His most valiant servants. There is a tremendous beauty here. It is found within the hearts of the people who look out for one another. We have the great blessing of drawing their hearts unto Christ. There is absolutely nothing better.

Well family, take care. I love you and I feel the power of your prayers. Never stop offering up your hearts unto God. He will always answer you. I know it. I know the Book of Mormon is true, that Christ lives. Because of this, He is the foundation for everything. Always go unto Him. He is always anxious to hear from you.

With all my love,
Elder Russell