Monday, April 11, 2011

Putting the Priesthood of God to work.........week 37

Dear family,
In the same way, I don't have much time to write today but I want to thank you for your letter and this weekend I will fast for Clayton. This week has been a miraculous week. We are trying to help motivate the ward to organize the auxiliaries better. I was reading the other day about the welfare program and something that President Kimball said really impacted me. When he was asked to construct a program to satisfy the needs of the hungry and the poor, with his limited knowledge, he felt really inadequate. However, in fervent prayer he received his answer. He said that we don't need another new organization. We just need to put the Priesthood of God to work. This quote has been the focus of our work right now. We are striving to bring the blessings of the priesthood in the lives of the people here in Amiltzingo. All of the needs of the ward can be met if the Priesthood of God is put to work. This has been our secret and we have already seen miracles in the lives of the people. There is an expression in Mexico that, directly translated, means that we are going to put the batteries in. We are doing likewise here. Missionary work is so cool!
Elder Russell