Monday, June 13, 2011

If we want to obtain different results, we cannot continue doing the same things........week 46

Dear family,

Wow, its sounds like there is a lot happening in the family. I love it! To slow down is a horrible thought :) Give my love and support to Joy and Josh with Clayton, Troy with his exams, Tyler in his work and dating, Grant in his adjustments and mom and dad with all that they do!

Costa Azul is tearing it up right now. We are working really hard to help the missionaries to think differently and work more efficiently. I really enjoy being a Zone leader not because it makes me feel really fancy rather that we have the opportunity to help the missionaries to meet their goals and see their satisfaction when they do so. The area here in Costa Azul is very different than what I have been used to be but I love it. The members are amazing and we see how the ward should function. I feel very very blessed. We have a ward very well established, a lot of enthusiasm in the Zone and the majority of the missionaries in our Zone are younger. I see it in this way: what more could one ask to try new ideas and projects in the Zone? I don't remember if I shared with you this quote but it is my favorite. Its by Albert Einstein who said that ¨if we want to change the problems that are all around us, we cannot continue in the same degree of thought when we created such problems.¨ I absolutely love this quote. If we want to obtain different results than we have had, we cannot continue doing the same things that we have done. If I want to change a problem that is present in my life, I cannot fix it by simply doing the same things.

I find that its applies in every aspect of my life. If I desire to have more success in my family, in my study of the scriptures, in my lessons, in my ability to speak Spanish, to help more people to come unto Christ, I have to think and act everyday so that I can achieve such results. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the way to achieve such success. Successful missionaries, marriages, families, careers, callings, etc. do not occur by accident. What is the difference? What are the things that such people think and do everyday to achieve their results? For me, the secret lies in their hearts. If we are dedicated to do the work of the Lord, He will teach us to think and work in His way which is the most efficient. Why would God give us the answer to a question that He knows we are not going to act upon? God knows us perfectly. If I have a problem or a concern, is my heart right so that I could ask God to help me think or work better? Why would I give $10 to someone knowing that they are going to spend it on beer? Are we asking God to give us $10 so that we can buy beer? The success comes when we allow God to teach us the more excellent way. But this comes when we give Him everything we are. Then, and only then, do we pay our tuition in the University of the Priesthood of God. When we enter, there is no going back nor do we want to. We enter into the preparation of success in this world and eternal life. I have just begun in my first semester but I have seen amazing results. I love this work. I love my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. There is no going back nor do I want to. Such is with God.

It is my testimony that we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ. It is His Church. I have no doubt of that. Each one of us is capable to give for Him. Each one of us is here to work in the preparation of the last days. If it wasn't so, why am I here? I know who I am, where I came from, and where I am going. As with everything, this knowledge only came when I was willing to give God all that I had. I pray that we can all do likewise. It is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Elder Russell