Monday, June 6, 2011

Lessons to be Learned........week 45

My dear family,

Good to hear that all is well with the family. I am very excited to hear the progress of everyone. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful examples that you give to me and all of your support. Please give a special thanks to Brother Minor, Sister Nay, and Brother Marks whom are so wonderful. Tell them that I enjoy their letters as well as all of the others which I have received.

Well I am here in Acapulco and I am very very excited. The Lord has placed me in a very specific place with companions who are going to help me to help the Lord to bring souls unto Him. I feel that the Lord is sitting me down and saying "Elder Russell, you need to learn lessons a, b, c, and d. You are here with him for A and B, you have this appointment for C and the drunk on the street is going to teach you D. I absolutely love it. I feel like I have the opportunity everyday to look up towards God and say `thank you, I really needed to learn this lesson." They are lessons that I will thank the Lord forever. I love my time with Elder Zepeda right now. I see how the Lord places Him in my path telling me, "Elder Russell, its time to learn."

Something that has really impacted me this week was the importance of our desires. I love being a missionary because everything that you don't do well is put in a magnifying glass so that you can acknowledge your weakness and change it. I have been greatly impacted at how powerful is our will. If I want to achieve a desired amount, x for example, the difference between results of x and 2x is my desires to obtain twice as much. I have noticed how powerful we become when we commit ourselves. Nobody can force us but when we have righteous goals, the only person who is going to impede us from achieving our righteous goals is ourselves. The mind is such a powerful thing. I received from the Lord this very powerful lesson: If there is a reasonable righteous goal, if I have the desire to achieve it and I focus all of my efforts to achieve it, there is nothing that I cannot do. If I allow that my righteous desire becomes the focus of my life, there is nothing that can stop me. Even in the first week in Acapulco, Elder Russell is being taught and molded to better serve His children. Missionary work is so cool!

My dear family, take care. Give your hearts to God. Know His Son Jesus Christ.

Pray everyday, read the scriptures everyday, and attend Church each week. Take time to meditate in your hearts the Gospel of Jesus Christ and fast at least once a month. I promise you in the name of Christ that you will come to know Christ even more in your lives. He will give you the strength that you need and the peace that you seek. It is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Russell