Monday, May 30, 2011

From the Mountains to the Coast, the Lord knows his servants........week 44

My dear family,

Sounds like everything is going well for you all. Tell Grant to not worry about it, its just another transfer :} I'm glad to hear that Clayton is progressing. It sounds like everyone is doing well. I give you all of my love across the miles. And please give a grand thank you to everyone who has written me but I haven't had time to write back (particularly Brother Minor and Brother Marks).

Well family, the Lord knows His children and sends His servants where they are needed. I have moved from Amilcingo in Cuaulta Morelos to Acapulco Guerrero. Its true, Elder Russell is going to preach repentance the cruise liners. It is going to be an adjustment for sure. I am here with an Elder Zepeda that I knew from Cuaulta and we are serving as the Zone leaders here in the rich part of Acapulco called Costa Azul. It is a great opportunity for me to grow and learn from Elder Zepeda. Its really neat because I already know a few of the Elders here including my companion. It is great news for me as we can begin to work the fastest we can.

I will speak about leaving Amilcingo more when I return home but I will say that my time there and these past few days were extremely sacred for me. I would to say what Troy said when he commented that I believe that these experiences cannot be described properly through Internet. But nonetheless, Elder Russell has a heart very full.

I wish you all the best of luck in all that you do. Im am doing fantastic and watch out if I return home really tan. I love you all and take care!

Elder Russell

P.S. I still haven't received my package but I believe that I will have it this week.