Monday, May 16, 2011

I feel like an invincible missionary........week 42

My dear family,

What a week. We just had a very powerful Zone Conference that was something that I absolutely needed. I feel like an invincible missionary. I am glad to hear the updates about Clayton. I hope and pray that he continues successful in his testing. I enjoyed talking to the family and seeing how everyone was. My prayers continue in your behalf.

This week we have seen a lot of miracles. Every single day is a miracle. Elder Pineda and I have a lot of fun seeing everyday how the Lord blesses the work here. Every time that we work and strive to do the work of the Father, we find that He helps us. I love it. We do not find that the Lord grants us the grand miracle that we ask Him but gives us the right portion so that we can continue demonstrating our faith. It is like the example of Nephi. He prayed to God that he could break the ropes with which he was bound. Does the Lord give him the strength to break the ropes and show to everyone that he is a man of God? No, the ropes were loosened. He was persevered and continued to serve diligently. I believe that being a missionary is like being Nephi. ´Ok, we have this situation. We need you to help us with these things. I would be great if you could give us the strength to do this and this and that.´ I find that He most often doesn't give us the grand miracle that we ask but He always gives us a miracle. I don't know why I always remember the story but I like to relate it to the Odyssey. The main character was in the middle of the ocean. At this point in time he was very close to drowning. But in his prayers he is granted a special shirt if i remember right. This permits him to live but he still had to swim a bit. I relate it to missionary work. As well as with Job. ´Do what you want with him, but you cant take his life´. We see every single day how the Lord gives us a ´shirt´ or how He looses the ropes for us. But after all is said and done, we still get to swim.

We talked a bit about the ward with which we are working right now. I love this ward so much! We have seen how the fire of their testimonies has rekindled and with a lot of heat. We are still gathering the goals of the ward for this month but what we are seeing is that the members of the ward have personal goals for this month that exceed the goals of the ward for the year. You have to watch out in Amilcingo because the missionary work is contagious. This week we have many appointments with friends of the members. I feel like I have very little time left here but I have a goal. I want to see the attendance of the ward double and every family participating in the work of salvation here through their own monthly goals. Watch out because Amilcingo has some serious work to do!

It is my witness that Jesus is the Christ. This is His work and His glory. So that we could return to live with Him, He gave us the precious gift of the family. It is the greatest and most important institution in the eyes of God. Protect it. Love it. And put it to work. When we do, the work of God if brought to pass with power. May we do so is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Russell