Monday, November 21, 2011

My dear Acapulco........week 69

Dear family,

Busy busy busy busy. I love it. There is no time to be sleeping. I echo the same feeling. Send my congratulations to Grant for being accepted to Business School. As well as Troy in his following section and Tyler, well, for being married :) They´ll do great.

My dear Acapulco. What do we have to share this week? We are working like crazy from all sides trying to get our work done here. We are teaching a bunch of families and there are a whole lot more that we are going to teach this week. We have a ward activity this Friday that we have involved the whole ward. The members are excited. We are leaving every day looking for those who are ready and we are being so blessed. This week we stopped by to visit a part member family that we didn't know. We entered into his house and the father of the member began to explain how he wanted to be freed from the weight of his sins. It was a super powerful lesson. We were lead by the Spirit in every word. We left his house and we stopped and looked at one other and commented ´Whoa, how cool was that!` It has been super funny here. We are working and getting everything done so that we can baptize but the results don´t come. We are learning the divine principle of patience.

This week I believe that we met the most crazy lady that has ever lived. We went to find a family to teach and an old lady opened the door to tell us that she had gone to church before and that she would like to listen to us. We asked if we could come in and she said no. We offered to help her clean her room and she let us in. We began to fold old clothes and clean this room. This woman didn't stop talking for about an hour. She left the room and returned as if we had followed her throughout the house. She began to climb the cabinets as if she was 18 to put the folded clothes away. After we finished, I asked if she had a wet rag to clean the mattress that was there. When she heard my question, she grabbed an old shirt and began to beat the mattress. As she was beating the mattress she began to shout. As she did so, Elder Smith and I turned to each other and with our faces in shock we mouthed to each other `she is blessing her mattress!` It was true, she blessed her mattress so that the demons would leave. I couldn't stop laughing. We taught her and invited her to church. We are going to visit with all of her family this week to see what happens.

We have a whole lot of work to do. We feel that we are just getting started. We have a baptism for this Saturday named Elizabeth. I send you the photos.

Elder Russell