Monday, November 7, 2011

My Dear Family........week 67

My dear family,

What a weekend for everyone. I send all of my love from across the miles to Tyler and Alisha, my new sister in law. As I was getting ready for bed Saturday night, we planned the following day and got busy before 10:30. I sat in my bed looking up at the ceiling and I laughed to myself ¨I have a sister in law!¨ I send my love and excitement from Acapulco. May they enjoy all of the wonderful blessings that come from a temple marriage. Oh, and tell Grant that he looks like a MTC teacher. I laughed :)

Well, another week has passed in which the Lord takes Elder Russell by the hand and teaches him that he is nothing. We have had a lot of work around here. We have been running like crazy trying to get everything done. We worked and worked and worked and tried different things but our results came out the same. I have to laugh because if not I would go crazy. It happens about once a month in which I sit down in my chair and I start to have a conversation with God. ¨Well, you saw that we did everything that we felt that we should this week. What else do I need to change?¨ It makes me laugh because I always hope that the words will come ¨Elder Russell, good work. You are doing great.¨ Nope. Never happens. It's always ¨Well, you achieved this, but you can do better.¨ Dad, I love you so much. I will always attribute this lesson to you. ¨Son, well done, but you can do better.¨ Like this week, when I think that I had done all that I could, God likes to inform me that I still have a lot to do. I love being a missionary! We are working with the Valencia family and we are preparing the baptism of their daughter named Xochitl for this Saturday. We are praying that everything will go well. The Manuel family is leaving behind alcohol and they are already excited for their baptisms. There is a young man and a young woman named Petrolino and Medelia that we are preparing for their baptisms this month. Although the last week was a bit rough, we are going to hit the pavement running.

May God continue to bless you my dear family. I love you so much. Mom, thank you for understanding the plan of salvation, the importance of the family, and for teaching us the Gospel all of our lives. Dad, thank you for always honoring your priesthood. You have always placed the bar for our family. Joy, you are an exceptional example of the attributes of Christ. I draw from your example. Josh, I aspire to love and care for my family as you do for your family. Your love for the Savior is evident. Troy, God will hold you up due to your faithful diligence and pure heart. Your prayers have changed mine. Tyler, thank you for always teaching me to find joy in the service of God. There is always a time to laugh and give thanks to God. Alishia, I admire your desires to create an eternal family and live worthy of a temple recommend. May God bless you in your desires to do so. Grant, thank you for teaching me what it is to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Truth is the same no matter what the world says.

Thank you. Family, I am who I am because of you. May God bless you always.
Elder Russell