Monday, October 31, 2011

Let's get to Work........week 66

Dear Family,

Here we are a soaking up every minute of our work here. I send my love and excitement to Tyler across the miles. What a marvelous blessing it is to be able to go to the house of the Lord to be sealed for eternity. Is there something more special than that? I don't believe so.

The work here has been going really good. I want to share a really funny story from this week. We went to the tops of the mountains looking for a family. We started from the top and worked our way down. As we were walking down one of the streets, two men stepped out of one of the houses. One was carrying a machete and the other was following him. The man who wasn't carrying anything saw us, paused while he looked at us and then told his companion ¨Give me the machete.¨ Elder Smith and I turned to one another and we began to walk a bit faster :)

We have various families that we are teaching right now that are progressing very well. We are really working hard to do everything for the one. We work through numbers, goals, and objectives, but in order to really achieve what we need to achieve, these numbers have to be people with real problems, challenges, and desires. When we use the records of the Church, we begin to find how the Lord works among His children. It is a topic that we have been developing and we are going to give a capacitation (presentation) to the Zone the following week.

Above all, we are very happy. As we are diligent the light comes to break apart the clouds of ignorance through disobedience. We learn, we repent, we become better, and repeat it. We are really excited to get going in this next month. We have many projects that we are going to put into practice to start to bring about more fruits here. Nothing is going to get us down!

Two weeks ago we met the Valencia Family. They are so special. We have been talking to them and we were able to share with them about how their precious daughters are alive in Christ. We explained the plan of Salvation and they were nodding and saying ¨It was because I didn't know this that I was arguing with my Pastors.¨ We are preparing them for their baptism the 13th of November. The Manuel Family for 20 of November and a young woman named Elizabeth for 27 of November. These families are progressing rapidly with other whom we are preparing for these dates. Let`s get to work!

Elder Russell