Monday, April 2, 2012

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Greatest Treasure........week 88

Dear family,
What an amazing weekend! We have been so richly blessed to hear the words of the living prophets and apostles. I was very touched by this General Conference.

Something that I would like to mention about this last General Conference was an a very clear impression to simplify my life. It's true that there are things to do, they never get over with. However, I was particularly enriched by the comments of the First Presidency and Elder Ballard. If I haven´t told you beforehand, these 4 men alongside my parents, my family, President Spannaus, leaders in my youth, and President Packer are my superheros. Something that President Uchtdorf said that stayed with me, ¨even though something is good, it does not mean that it requires our time, resources, and talents.¨ Do the most important. The sessions were amazing but I believe that is all that I am going to mention about it for right now.

We are working really hard. We have a baptism lined up for this weekend of the lady named Alma. She is Eros´s mom (convert of a few months ago). We have various families that are progressing as well that we expect to be baptizing in this month. I will keep you all informed as the weeks come. Honestly, I am loving the mission. I learn each day something that would have taken years to understand. I see the lives of the honest in heart change under the influence of the Spirit. Today made me laugh because I received what the Elders called the ¨call of death¨. Or in other words, the call that they ask, ¨Do you still live here? Will you arrive at this airport?¨ I had to laugh because Elder Gosnell, who is going to finish in 4 weeks made fun of me that I am now a marked man :) But we are working harder than ever. I would like to share a story of this past week. We were running around town between Conference session and while we were doing so, I had been praying that after doing an interview for some Elders, that in the transport (la combi) we would find a family willing to hear the Gospel. We we got in the combi, I looked around and to my surprise, there was a woman named Ana with whom we had lost contact for around 2 months. We taught her briefly in the combi and as we got off, I told Elder Gosnell, ¨God answers our prayers.¨ It may be like Nephi who wanted to break the bands but they were loosed, but God answers our prayers.

My dear family, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest treasure that I have. Thanks to it, I know who I am, why I am here, why I have a family, and where will we go after this life. I know what I must do while I am here on earth. It is simple yet beautiful. I love my Savior Jesus Christ as He has provided the way for me. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to serve my Heavenly Father in this day and age when the Gospel is here in it's fulness. What a joy is the Gospel of Jesus Christ! May we share it daily is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Russell