Monday, December 13, 2010

Saying farewell to Elder Arreola....Welcoming Elder Campos.......week 21

Craziness in Amilcingo

My dear family,

I hope all is going well with everyone. I only have a little bit of time to write today as we are in the middle of changes. Elder Arreola left for Cuernavaca today and I am receiving my new companion named Elder Campos. We are going to be running around crazy today and this week. I hope to hear from you all but I’m not sure what will be my timing. A brief side note, I am going to set up plans to send a preliminary call. I believe we are going to find a phone which I will send the number to you in which you will be able to call. Calls to Mexico are cheap but I am going to see what’s going to happen. If nothing else, there are phone booths that cost a think a peso a minute. I'll let you know.

Well this week was crazy. We were running around crazy to interview people for baptisms as well as prepare for a missionary concert that we put on. We had a missionary program with a band and missionaries singing. We have a bunch of activities this week as well. We have a missionary devotional as well as a ward party this Friday. We are working really hard with the members to try a bit of their faith to invite others to hear of the Gospel. Already it has wrought fruit.

Personally, I have been extremely impacted by the significance of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I have realized in a much deeper sense how reliant I am upon this act which was performed so long ago. For me, I have felt so grateful as well as dependant upon this act. I have realized that when trials come, we must turn to the Savior. There are so many people who resort to so many different things to support themselves in their trials but there are few who truly resort to the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Atonement the central part. I have felt in large degree my personal inadequacies. I have felt that I cannot act nor be who I need to be without the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is everything to me. With so many opinions of people about what is most important in this world, I find my solace within the Gospel or good news of Jesus Christ. It is my faith, my hope, and my all. I do not regret it nor will I excuse it. It is the way to salvation. I know it and it is my privilege to share what I have come to know.

Elder Sean Russell

The streets of Amilcingo