Monday, December 20, 2010

Preparing for a White Christmas.......week 22

Obedience because we love God

My dear family,

First things first, I received the first of my packages. Thank you so much. Elder Campos replaced the name tag of Elder Arreola but all is well. Also, Elder Campos told me that we are able to use Skype. I plan on calling you through Skype 2:00 my time or 12:00 your time. If I cannot use Skype then we are going to go the the church and use the phone there. We are just going to call from here because it is really cheap. Thus, you don´t need to worry about buying a card or anything like that.

Well this week, crazy but really good. We have really done a lot to expand the work here in Amilcingo. We have soccer nights that we are inviting a bunch of people to play, we are beginning to teach English classes at the church, and we are trying to organize a soccer tournament for Amilcingo. It’s been really fun as well as really amazing. I still have so much to learn and Elder Campos has been an amazing help. We have worked really hard this week and we are preparing for a White Christmas this Saturday. We have a lot to do in the next few days to complete this goal but we are working to have 5 baptisms this Christmas. We cannot wait.

I would like to share something from this last week that really struck me. It’s something that Elder Campos taught me. It’s about how we need to obey the commandments of God not out of a sense of righteousness but rather for a love of God. Two people may keep the same commandment however one would be quick to judge while the other would be filled with mercy. There is a grand difference between the two. It is something that I am striving to improve in my life.

Well, I will most likely call to finalize everything in the next few days so expect a call. I pray that all is going well with everything and enjoy the holidays!

Elder Russell