Monday, February 7, 2011

Don´t worry about Elder Russell, he is happier than ever!....week 28

Dear Family,

I have only a few moments to write so I will have to make it short. Wow, sounds like the family is starting to enter the craziness of the year. Always busy. I love it.

Real quick, this week was crazy. I couldn´t believe it. Crazy as ever. We are working really hard and trying to implement different projects here in Amilcingo. Something that I love is that there never is a “I´ve done too much” in two places, our families and in the church. It’s beautiful. The missionary work is the best work in the world. I love it. We had a devotional Sunday night which we gave a lesson about family home evening and the power of the example of the family in the missionary work. So awesome.

Well, I got to run but I hope and pray that everything continues being great.

Don´t worry about Elder Russell, he is happier than ever. And yes, I am the jealously of the ward and the missionaries with my tie. It really makes me smile. I love you family and I send you my best wishes.

Elder Sean Russell