Monday, February 21, 2011

Being Shaped by the Hand of the Lord....... week 30

My dear family,

In the same way, I am awed that we have already passed by another week. It is absolutely amazing how the time flies in the service of the Lord. Tell Joy and Josh that they have my permission to name him Clayton Neff. :) Tell Grant congratulations for his scholarship.

Well where do I begin this week? What do I say about being in the service of God 24/7? What do I say about every moment and every day an experience and a learning about who the Lord expects me to be as a missionary and as a servant all of my life? To say it simply, there is absolutely nothing so amazing in the world! As usual, I am running short on time but know that Elder Russell is being shaped very profoundly in the hands of the Lord. And he absolutely loves it! Everyday seems like the most sacred experience of my life. I look at where I am right now and I realize very strongly that the Lord has molded and shaped me into a better servant of Him. I have no doubt in my mind that He lives. He leads and guides His church. He willing and capable to change us. We just have to learn to let Him. I am not the same Elder Russell I was 6 months ago nor the same I was last week. I came to this earth to progress and become more like my Savior Jesus Christ. In this personal journey, I have the great privilege to help others to commence their own. Tell me if there is anything more worth my time in the world? Absolutely not!

Family, know of my constant prayers in your behalf. Rely upon the Lord. Give Him your will and He will make you into more than you had even previously aspired to be. As a living witness of the reality of Jesus Christ, I know that He has all power to change us. Let Him. When we do so, it is then that we truly begin to understand who we are and why we are here. Never forget it. Do whatever is necessary to allow Him to change your life. As you do so, you will find the enrichment and pure joy that you seek. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Elder Russell