Monday, July 11, 2011

Watching the Lord's hand in the work........week 50

My dear family,

Wow, it sounds like the family is doing great. Tell the family that if they are doing what they feel the Lord wants them to do, then I give all of my support in their efforts. I know that the Lord continues to bless each and every one of you. Keep me updated on the changes of the family and the ward, I love to see how the hand of the Lord works in the lives of the people.

Ok, due to the fact that I haven't said many stories, I am going to fill the time I have with nothing but stories. We were walking in the street one day this week and we needed to teach some people. As we were walking Elder Zepeda offered a quick prayer, we spoke to the next lady that we saw and we talk her and her family. The next day I did the same, we found a woman who accepted her baptismal date and is really interested. The same day I offered a quick prayer to find someone and 3 seconds later a car pulled over and a young man got out and started to talk to us about the Church. A few weeks ago we met an inactive man who was really depressed. We invited him to come to church but didn’t want to because he put pretexts that the members of the church didn’t care about him. I loved this comment. The same Sunday I mentioned the situation in Priesthood meeting in which he wasn’t there and the brethren decided to end to lessons early and serve this man. The best part of the experience was that this man was in his house and as it began to pour rain, outside of his house were around 50 men and young men in white shirts and ties, soaked from head to toe, waiting to see what could be done to help this man. Priesthood is so cool! Right now he is making drastic changes in his life and we are preparing to teach his family.

Other experience was about a few weeks ago. We had one week left to meet our goal for the month in the Zone. We sat down as a Zone and in the same spirit of a Priesthood Quorum, we made a plan, presented it to the Lord and set forth to work. We had planned 3 baptisms for the week and we ended up baptizing 8 people. The Lord knows His children. We just need to find them and teach them. This week as we were trying to find people to teach, we worked but didn’t have much success. However, the last few days, people have commented about certain families and many came to church on their own. The Lord is very conscious of us. I have no doubt of that. We are preparing a family of three named Sylvina, Jonathan, and his son Jonathan. We are preparing to baptize them in the following weeks. We have many families like theirs that need to be married. I think we are going to have a super wedding in the ward. Their family is really special. I like to play in the Nursery with Jonathan.

These are all the stories that I have for the moment with the time but the work is moving forward with great success. Elder Zepeda is very talented in music and has been teaching me a lot. With this we have been doing performances in baptisms and we are preparing Family Home Evenings and I am preparing to start the ward choir. I have seriously dedicated myself to learn the piano as I am preparing to lead the ward choir and play in the ward meetings. I spent time today and learned ¨Nearer my God to thee¨. I hope to be able to play in sacrament meeting 2 or 3 songs in 2 weeks. I have a lot of prayers to offer but I know that we have been and will continue to animate this ward. Missionary work is so cool.

I love you family. Thank you for all of your prayers. Trust in the Lord and He will not leave you all comfortless. It is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Elder Russell