Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time has flown by

Today is the one year mark for Sean on his mission. It's gone fast, but some days it seems so slow, but he is doing well and enjoying the work. My thoughts go to his departure early on that Wednesday morning, July 21st as the sun peeked over the mountains, the air crisp, and my son (a newly set apart missionary, ready to tackle the world) with emotion in his face raised his hands one last time to say..."Hurrah for Israel, thanks mom and dad for everything, here I go...I've waited my whole life to do this". He has been missed, but I have enjoyed the rich blessings of watching him grow under the Lord's guidance in bringing eternal life to many in the cities of Amilcingo and Acapulco Mexico. The reality of how quickly time is going has hit, and I hope and pray that he will continue to press forward, never missing an opportunity to share the Lord's message of salvation with anyone he meets.

This is the Lord's training ground for the rest of his life to come. I pray he passes boot camp, with honor, strength, and eternal vision.

I love you Sean,