Monday, September 19, 2011

Be Thou an Example........week 60

Today we played email tag. Sean got on at 9:30 AM our time, earlier than normal. I was in the middle of checking emails and started writing him. When I looked at my emails....there it was....his email for today....OH NO! I wasn't done yet. So I quickly send off 3 emails hoping to send him something. A broken up conversation for sure. Here is his email I received at 10:10 AM.

My dear family,

Well, I apologize for not being able to communicate with you all this past week. We have been running around rather busy the past few weeks and my time has been leaving me faster and faster. Forgive me for my inconsistency. It sounds like the family is doing very well. I hope and pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and guide you in your paths.

Well, I'm going to let you in on the statistics of our work here in Acapulco. We have been working really hard these past few weeks so that would could baptize every week. The past 3 weeks we had baptisms scheduled each week. However, each of them has fallen through for fears of their parents. It's okay, with every experience, we find another way how not to baptize :)

Right now we are teaching 15 families and we are preparing a family for this Sunday. We are teaching a mom with her 5 sons and all of their grand kids. There are about 5 families in this family and about 30 members. We are preparing the whole family for a baptism this 9th of October. I´ll let you know how things go. Pray for them so that they can prepare themselves for this day. We are working hard so that we can baptize at least one family every week. We´ll send you the photos when they come ;)

I would like to share with you one of my new favorite scriptures. It is found in DC 58:35. From Spanish, it says that ¨to me it is necessary that my servant Martin Harris would give an example to the Church, giving over his money to the Bishop of the church.¨ Okay Elder Russell, what does this scripture have to do with anything? I have reflected much about how to inspire those whom I serve. Here was the answer for me. You must give your example to the Church. God, knowing the needs of His church, calls on men and women to give their examples. Why? So that others can see their works and be better. I learned that the success of one is found within.

When the Lord calls someone to a calling, He is not asking them to do something, He is asking them to be something. As it says in DC 107:99 "Learn every man his duty and as to work with all diligence in the office in which he has been called". We are called and it become critical that we learn what are the duties of such responsibility and we obey them. In this way, we become the servants that the Lord requires us to be. If there is much work to be done, we must learn our duties and fulfill them with all diligence. In this way we become leaders and inspire so that the work can spread into more hands and thus bringing about more fruit. If the master desires more workers in his vineyard, He must become great so that he will have more workers. This process is in the hands of the master if we allow it to occur. DC 64:34 ´For behold, the Lord requires the heart and a willing mind...¨ They are the requisites. The heart and the mind. Desire. And as the scriptures explain further on that those obedient to their duties will have the abundance of the land or success. Everything depends on us. As Paul says it, we are only constrained by our own hearts.

I know that this is the work of God. I have no doubt of it. My life is this work. I thank my God that I have such opportunity.

Elder Russell

Oh I didn't tell you, last week we met with Elder Ballard, Elder Jensen, Elder Benjamin de Hoyos and Elder Gonzalez of the Area Seventy. Ill talk more about that latter :)