Monday, September 5, 2011

I picture images of them in the Temple........week 58

My dear family,

What a week we have had here. I am amazed at all of the blessings that we given each and every day as missionaries and as members of the Church of Jesus Christ. I hope to be able to comment about some of my experiences this week.

The Lord is mindful of His children. I feel of that protection each day of my life here. This week has been a week of a lot of training on my part and training other missionaries. I was working in a lot of different areas and running all of the place. I think I was here in Acapulco for one day. Its okay, I learned a lot and we are helping our missionaries so that we can elevate the faith that is found in this Zone. There is something very special about working in the service of the Lord. I would like to comment about something that has caused me to reflect repeatedly. The Lord takes people who are imperfect with many defects and calls them to His work. In this process, He molds these people to be His servants. I have felt this process many many times in my mission, particularly in my time here in Acapulco. The Lord will always instruct those who diligently seek Him in faith. I know that. I have found that with problems that come forth with investigators, members, missionaries, etc., I find that a personal weakness is highlighted and the path towards its solution is revealed. Only when my life´s work is His work do I really receive guidance. It is something that I am deeply grateful for and I know that I am here in this area, with my companion, president, missionaries, members, investigators, and others so that can learn how I can more fully bring about the work of the Lord. It is a spectacular process which brings eternal rewards. There is nothing that matters more to me than the salvation of my brothers and sisters. I have dedicated my life to this cause. There is no going back. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.

I had a very sacred experience this week. We left for a Conference of the Zone Leaders in Cuernavaca. On our return, I sat pondering many things. I contemplated about the time that I have had as a missionary and how much I have grown under the tutelage of my Father in Heaven. Thinking about this, it came to my mind the thought of the families that I have taught and the image of them in the temple. A flood of emotion came over me like I had not felt in my life and I fought not to tear up. I pled with my Father in Heaven that He would help me to bring these people to His house. I made a promise with my Father in Heaven that from this day I would do all in my power to bring as many of His families to the Temple so that they could live eternally. I reflected about the people I know. How many are baptized for the remission of their sins? How many hold His Priesthood? How many have served missions in His name? How many have entered the temple to be married for time and all eternity? A great sense of guilt swept over me. Oh how I had neglected the salvation of the children of God! I made another covenant with my Father in Heaven. I am my brother´s keeper. I am a steward of this body and my time here on the earth. Why? To bring about salvation. I repented in my mind and in my heart. Its was time to really get to work :)

My dear family, this is the work of God. Be a part of it. Bring those who you know to the make covenants with God. You will find no greater joy, knowledge, and peace. May we dedicate ourselves even more to this great cause. Shall we not go forth? I know that the Kingdom of God will grow until the Gospel has sounded in every ear and all will confess before God in the last day that Jesus is the Christ. We are here to bring that about. Let´s get it done :)
Elder Russell