Monday, September 26, 2011

The Work Goes Forth, Jump on Board........week 61

My wonderful family,

The work here is going excellent. Elder Zepeda and I are getting some serious work done. We have been bringing about 2 - 3 new families to church every Sunday and the ward is responding very well. Tell the missionaries at home that if they want to get a family to church, a friend or neighbor who is an active member has to offer to go to church with them on Sunday, pass by for them, and sit by them through it all in a lesson before Sunday. The members are the key to finding, bringing to church, baptizing, and retaining. Bring out the minivans!!! President Spannaus says it this way. He says that if the missionaries want to change the attitude of a ward, its not by passing by and teaching them. Its by bringing a huge mass of people to church on Sunday. If that happens, everything gets better so that the ward becomes more involved.

Elder Zepeda and I are teaching 18 families here in Acapulco. We have been working really hard but the fruits haven´t come yet. We are being diligent and by doing so, we know that the fruits are going to come. We are expecting a family baptism this week. We are working to get that done this week. There is much to do, much to learn, and much more to become. I´ll keep you all posted.

I love you all so much. May you begin to rejoice once again in the work of the Master. There is nothing better. I am working here what I can. If the missionaries say that they don't have anybody to teach, let me know. I´ll rack my brain until I can get some references for them.
Elder Russell