Monday, December 5, 2011

A White Christmas in Acapulco?.........week 71

Dear family,

I have very little time but thanks for the last letter. We are running to train our district leaders and pick up a missionary. I already received the package but I'm waiting to open the good stuff until Christmas. Congratulations for the baptisms in the ward. Invite those converts over to dinner in our home. They can have whatever they want from my stuff.

The work is exploding and we are getting this missionaries to work. We are going to marry a family tomorrow and we have their baptism for this Friday. We are working and we are expecting a very white Christmas.

We visited an inactive family this Saturday and the Grandma said that she had been pondering about be baptized in the Church. She is going to be baptized this month. So Sweet! Another man came to church who had already read the Book of Mormon thoroughly and the missionaries were asking themselves in Gospel Principles ¨Is he a member?´ The answer is no and we are going to invite him to be baptized for Christmas. There are many others who are progressing as well.

Everything is super good here. A whole lot of work to do but we are going to get it done. I love you family and invite all to come unto Christ. In this way you will literally be Saviors in this world.

Elder Russell