Monday, May 28, 2012

"Elder, Do You Hear Me?"........week 96

Dear family,

Well, this week we had a baptism of two people, Ulisses and his sister Tamara.  It was really special.  The computer can´t read my card so I will send the pictures later.  We are still working the four of us in our ward and Elder Reyes and I have changed up our side of the ward.  It´s amazing.  When I heard that the two missionaries were going to be with us, I wanted to go to a few colonies of our ward.  These are the ¨dead¨ colonies that the missionaries never work in.  I wanted to take up the challenge.  We set out to work and the Lord has been blessing us with one miracle after another.  

One story that I loved from last week was how we came in contact with Esperanza.  We were walking by a house to see a lady that we had wanted to teach.  She wasn´t home.  But a lady was in her car leaving her house nearby.  She was watching us as we were walking.  She passed by in her car and suddenly stopped.  We passed by and she asked us, ¨what church are you from?¨ We said the Church of Jesus Christ.  She then passed me her cell phone that she had on hold and said, ¨they want to talk to you.¨  I cautiously picked up the cell phone as someone said, ¨Elder, do you hear me?¨  Mind you I was looking at a woman that I didn´t know and talking to someone I had no idea who it was.  His conversation went something like this.  

¨Elder, I am President ____  from Acapulco.  The woman who you see in front of you is a friend of mine and I want you to baptize her.  She needs this and that.  I can´t come but I am going to trust her to you, ok?  Thanks Elder, I got to go.¨  

I passed the phone back to the woman and we put a appointment to see her.  She accepted graciously.  We talked to her the next day and see is preparing herself to be baptized the 16 of June.  How cool is that!?!?!  I thought is was phenomenal.  The Lord knows His children and He puts them in our path as we keep our covenants.  We have other baptisms that we have contacted by miracles as well.  This is His work.  Of that I have no doubt.   

Well family, it has been another amazing missionary week.  This week was the ward temple trip.  When the members got back from the temple Saturday and then church the following Sunday, there was a light and a conversion so prevalent within the church.  We had various investigators who I know felt something special being in the church this past Sunday.  It was very distinct.  The truth is that I felt as if I was at home.  I felt as if I was in my home ward.  It was because I was amongst many members of the covenant.  It was a special lesson for sure. 

Take care family.  I hope that everyone finds themselves well.  Keep your covenants.  There is nothing that will give you more strength, direction, and love in your life. 
Elder Russell