Monday, May 21, 2012

The "Why" of What We Do........week 95

Sean's Birthday.  A letter to Dad.   Letter 2


I thank you so much for your letter.  You hit it right on the head.  I am so grateful that have the opportunity to serve the people here.  This past week we had our Zone Conference.  This was the last one that I am going to have and the President Spannaus´s last one as well.  I was deeply moved by the Conference.  I sat there pondering about a lot of things.  Of the many topics that were prevalent, I was deeply struck by something that President told us.  He said, ¨where are you, where are you going, what are you doing, and who are you?¨ There came across me a great impression of the Spirit, ¨Elder Russell, you are a disciple of Jesus Christ.¨  I was overwhelmed by the way I am able to answer those questions.  

I have been thinking a lot about what President Uchtdorf said in the last general conference.  He talked about the ¨why¨ of what we do.  I have thought much about that.  Why have I served a mission?  It is because I promised my Father in Heaven that I would do so when I was baptized and when I received the Priesthood. As well as when I entered in the Temple.  There is nothing that my leaders are going to ask me to do that I haven´t already committed myself to do before God.  I am so deeply grateful that I have made and will continue to make decisions that allow me to keep my covenants before God.  

Dad, thank you for being my Father.  I feel that you have been the motor in my to do as the hymn says, ¨our useless cares from us to drive.¨  I pray that I may do that constantly so I can be a more efficient and powerful tool in His Hands.  Thanks Dad.  I love you.

Elder Russell