Monday, March 7, 2011

Now is my chance to do what the Lord has taught me to do.....week 32

My dear sweet family,

Wow, I find myself writing another week. To let you know, we just had changes and I am still here in Amilcingo! Elder Campos left for another area and I received a greenie. I am training an Elder Pineda. He is awesome. Think of Colby Gschwend as a Mexican and it is him :) I started with Tyler as a Mexican, Troy as a Mexican, and now I have Colby as a Mexican. I love Mexico!

As usual, I don't have much time but I would like to send some of my thoughts to you.

This past change has been a very sacred experience for me. I don't think I mentioned it but Elder Campos was rather sick these past few weeks. We had had a lot of time to talk, study and learn from one another. For every visit that I had with Elder Campos, with every race to the hospital, and every night of prayer and morning of study, the Lord molded me. He pierced my soul. He let me know all that I lack and what that weakness does for His work. I was humbled profoundly. The Lord taught me in very powerful ways that He knows me and that I have a work to do. When I received word that I would be a trainer I knew it was what the Lord expected of me. I feel that right now is my chance to do what the Lord has taught me to do. I feel that the Lord has prepared Amilcingo and is continuing to prepare it. We joke as missionaries about fathers and sons in the mission (trainers and greenies) but I really feel like a father. I feel as if Elder Pineda is coming here to my work in my home. These people are everything to me. I love them. I have the great opportunity to share this love with my companion. I was born here, I grew up here, and I am teaching here. I love Amilcingo! :)

Well, I have to run but know that I love you family. Take care and remember who you really are.

Elder Russell