Monday, January 16, 2012

Each Day is the Greatest Day of My Life........week 77

Hey Family,

Dad, I am so excited to hear about the work in the Ward. It sounds like the work is getting going. I am so glad to hear it. We had a baptism this week. She is named Alejandra. She is so cool. We showed up, we told her that she needed to be baptized, and she accepted. We called her the following day and she said that she wanted to wait another week. I told her 'Alejandra, why wait another week? You´re ready and you know it." When she was baptized, she was so happy. A super cool convert.

We are getting work done here. I love. The members have been commenting to us, ¨Wow, you Elders really are getting to work.¨ Well duh. :) I´m a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ. I got a purpose and I got very little time to get it done. I absolutely love being a missionary.

We had interviews today with President. I love talking to President. He told me, ¨Be a baptizing freak.¨ Will do President :) We are preparing a couple to be married and baptized this week and 3 of a family of 5 to be baptized this week. We´re getting some work done.

Each day is the greatest day of my life. I learn and I grow. I see how the Lord has taken my weaknesses and he has forged me into His servant. I see the tremendous growth which has occured in my life and in the lives of my investigatores. If we are to live the commandment to be perfect as the Father is perfect, we must be consciously involved in the work of salvation and the establishment of Zion here on earth. How blessed are those who seek to bring about the cause of Zion in the last days for they will have my Spirit and my power. To that I testify.

My dear family, may the Lord bless you as your forget yourself in this grand cause. You will find no greater joy. You will change in the hands of the Lord and the desires of your heart that really matter will be granted. I have no doubt of that. Shall we not go forth in such a great cause? Hurrah for Israel! Glory to God and the Lamb!
Elder Russell

Alejandra's Baptism