Monday, January 9, 2012

Put Our Shoulder to the Wheel........week 76

Luis's baptism

Dear family,

It's great to hear that everything is going well at home. The work is going amazing here. I was proud to hear that Dad and Troy are working hard with their programs there. We are getting behind our ward mission leader here and he´s getting excited.

I don't have much time but I would like to highlight the best of this week. We had our baptism of Luis Sunday morning. It was great. We are going to get someone wet this week. We have 6 people that just need a little push but we´ll see how everything falls through.

I feel that we have been more and more blessed in this time than ever. The ward is excited. They are behind our plans and we are supporting their ward mission plan. Our ward mission plan has to do with 15 - 20 more assistence in church every month. These people are coming from activation, finding, baptizing, retaining, etc. This week we had 4 new investigators at church and 4 people reactivated. Not bad for the first week! We are on track to complete our goal of our ward mission plan for this month. We are calling a lot of ward missionaries and the ward organizations are working. The work of salvation is being done here in the ward and the Spirit is strong because of it.

Elder Gosnell and I are putting to work all of the experiences that we have had in the mission here in Insurgentes and we are tearing things up! God sees that we are here to do His work and that we are serious about it. Therefore He puts the means by which we can complete with His work. I love it.

As we work, we grow. We develop new talents and we discover others. I feel a tremendous amount of growth in this time of my mission. I feel a stronger relationship with my Father in Heaven, with His church, and a greater understanding of His will and how to bring it about. God is molding me more right now than I have felt beforehand. New doors are being opened, characteristics are being formed, and talents developed. Life is amazing!

This work is true my dear family. There is nothing better. This is the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us put our shoulder to the wheel. He needs our service. Let us give it to him!

Elder Russell