Monday, January 2, 2012

I Can Feel it in My Bones........week 75

Hey Family,

I don't have much time but I want to get a few news to you all. This area is so amazing. I repeat what Elder Christopher said, I hope to finish my mission here. The ward is amazing and there is a whole lot of work to be done. We had our first baptism this week and we are planning 3 more for this week and another the following week. We are teaching various families that are being prepared for baptism in this month. The photos are of our baptism. He is named Eros. The rest are from our visit to Taxco that is about 40 minutes from our area. We are receiving a lot of support in our ward mission plan and we hope to begin it this coming Sunday. I am really excited.

Baptism of Eros
My new companion Elder Gosnell

We had a really amazing experience this week. I felt that we needed to visit someone in the week. We weren't able to meet with her until Saturday but we showed up at her house. I asked if she was Delia. She said that she was. I asked her if she had received missionaries. She said that she had. I asked her if she wanted to be baptized the following Sunday. She wasn't going to be here but she accepted for the following Saturday. As we finished talking I leaned to my companion and I commented "I knew we had to talk to her today." Being a missionary is so cool!
The work is true. I love the privilege to be here. I feel that Elder Gosnell and I are going to change the work to something that it has never been here. I feel it in my bones :) We´re hitting the road running and we don´t have fear about nothing. To the work!

I love you family. You are a great strength and support as you have always been. May God bless you in this New Year. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Russell